About Us

Meet Our Directors

Eddy Dichiera – Director

Eddy is one of the founding directors and has been actively involved in the business since 1996. With past management experience of catering companies since 1977, he brings Festival Functions a wealth of community knowledge and relations. During each event he is known to be behind the scene ensuring the dishes, service and presentation is as promised

Larry Dichiera – Managing Director

Larry is a founding director of the company and is actively involved with the day-to day operations of the business. With extensive experience and working with past family catering companies since the age of 11 years, he brings an extensive amount of experience, cultural knowledge and maintains relationships ensuring the future strength of Festival Functions. Larry works directly and independently with each client ensuring  personalised service and event supervision is met at all times.

Our Team

Pina Kitchen Manager

Pina comes with over 20 years’ experience in the wedding and function industry. With extensive experience in cooking for multiple functions simultaneously in excess of 1000 people, Pina is certain to have your meals cooked to perfection and served in a timely manner. Her knowledge In Western and Mediterranean cuisine ensures your guests will never leave hungry!

Jemma Coordinator

Jemma plays a key role in the company. She is the first point of contact and takes care of all the day-to-day office operations, inquiries, bookings, and liaises information between the client and directors. Her happy attitude, patience and organization skills are second to none and ensure all your requirements are met on queue.

Front of House Staff

The front-of-house staff is made up of floor supervisors, food & beverage attendants and bar staff. They play a vital role in the company and ensure that all your requirements are met. They work long hours ensuring your guests are left with a positive and memorable experience. Their professional attire, politeness and service skills have contributed to the longevity of Festival Functions.


Event Stylist

Kyriaki manages all aspects of in-house décor, props, furniture and styling of each event. Her knowledge in the event decor industry combined with her precise forecast of future trends has enabled many clients to have their events styled at competitive prices. She is seen regularly on site or can be met at our display showroom by appointment